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Lecture 7

ANT376 Lecture 7

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Hillary Cunningham

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** EXTENSION FOR ANIMAL PORTFOLIO: Lecture 7 Looking at Animals March-06-14 DUE ONE WEEK LATER (between 12-2pm) now: APRIL 10th (see email for further instructions/info) 12:07 PM Bring to Trinity College - if hard copy… if not 'hand-inable' (aka website/blog) - send to her email. Looking at Animals…. Animals…. looking back? Bert Haanstra (youtube): "Zoo" - Animals and humans eat similarly - Patterns of animals and humans - Human and animal behaviors - Face shapes, facial expressions - Yawning - Eating - Sleepiness Youtube clip #2: New Zealand study - Zoos often humans view animals in cages - But in this clip humans are caged and go into a lion area to feed them (feeders are inside the cage with the viewers… and feed the lions from inside the cage) Youtube clip #3: Highway wilding - Animal encounter to highway - Moose got run over by truck - Animals are always getting killed on highways, humans do no see them? - Cognitive development - - it is often said that children can not/suggested to not cross the street on their own because they do not have the cognitive perception of distance - Animals are not particularly capable of knowing this Looking at Animals? - John Berger critique humans looking at animals - Suggest one-way gaze, give humans dominance - 'gaze' - Humanity began with unique relationship with 'real' animals but this began to disappear in the 19thc and we are left largely left with co-opted animals - - pets and zoo (spectacle) animals that reflect a one-way gaze…. Animals looking...back? Animal stories - Very intimate - Vulnerable - Host of emotions - love, fear ..etc - 'affect' Animal Sex - Notion of 'animal rape' scenes that involve forced mating - Narration naturalize the behavior, male -human sexuality - Socio-biological, darwinian - Humans are choosey - Complex interplay between (attributing human characteristics to humans) anthropomorphism and zoomorphism (attributing animal characteristics to humans) - Same sex relationships in animals, and same sex activities are seen as 'deviant', and even seen as a precursor to normal behavior (hetero) Stories …. - One of the things that we often lose when we talk abo
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