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Lecture 8

ANT376 Lecture 8 love … affection

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University of Toronto St. George
Hillary Cunningham

Lecture 8 love … affection March-13-14 12:41 PM Christian the Lion … "Embrace of Love" Love… Affection... Fear... Terror... Respect... Awe... Panic... Fearlessness… Animalscapes as moral landscapes… - Moral explorations - Proper relationship between the two - Morals = come from latin "mores" meaning customs, everyday practices - Ethics = formal critical reflection on values, philosophical Moral exploration and moral economies...about? What does it mean to be human? To be animal? Nature - culture To be female or male? Savage or civilized? Free or domesticated? Object or subject? Primordial or derivative? Authentic or artificial? Second dualisms, relate to the nature-culture dualism Charged categories: Biodiversity, hunting, conservation, etc.. Southern Kenya's Masai tribe, lions locked in battle - USA Today news - Indigenous people impacted severely by colonial history - Lions are an endangered species - Masai hunt lions for ritualistic Hunting conservation Ernest Hemingway "The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber" - Mrs. Macomber is hunting for a 'real man' - She sleeps with the hunter - She is actually the predator in the story Look at middle man Being Caribou, 2006 - Their fat bellies were
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