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Architecture Studies
Zeynep Celik

1) Discourse – conversation, a mode of organizing knowledge, ideas, or experience that is rooted in language, formal & orderly thought, how people think 2) Contemporary – present moment made by history 3) Discipline – a branch of instruction of education, the training of scholars by instructing and exercising them in the same way 4) Charette: carriage, chariot, cart, wagon; a period of intense group work, typically undertaken in order to meet a deadline 5) Poché: the method or result of representing the solid part of a building ( as a wall, etc.) by a darkened area on an architectural plan 6) Parti : basic scheme of spatial arrangement 7) History of the past : history of how things got to be how they are today and how things did not have to be the way they are today 8) Utopia : an imaginary and indefinitely remote place; a place of ideal perfection 9) Dystopia : an imaginary place where people lead dehumanized and often fearful lives 10)Enlightenment (French revolution) – liberty, freedom, autonomy 11) Aristocracy 12) Bourgeoisie 13) Proletariat : the class of industrial workers who sell their labour to live 14)Metropolis : big city 15)Urbanism : the characteristic way of life of city dwellers; the study of the physical needs of urban societies ( city or town planning) 16)Paradox : a contradiction that cannot be resolved 17)Blasé attitude: attitude of apathy or indifference; Anonymity and individuality in the metropolis 18)Modern city: segregated space of rich&poor, work&leisure, men&women 19)Masking : spatial arrangement. Never-ending buildings 20)Hierarchical space : outside rooms with sightseeing for middle class; inside for the poor 21)Haussmannization of Paris : modernizing infrastructure of Paris to improve transportation and get open spaces; regulated tightly 22)Ringstrassse : elimination of city wall between the central city & rural area; filled with buildings 23)Camilo Sitte: city according to artistic principles; criticized ringstrasse b/c of too much open spaces. Suggested squares from nondescriptive public spaces; small squares one leading to another 24)Otto Wagner : built Postal Savings Bank, Vienna 1904. criticized ringstrasse by not being modern enough like the univ. or parliament buildings originated from the ancient style. Vienna as a model regulatory plan of a city with districts divided by ring and radial roads and district, from Grossstadt, 1911 25) Sitte vs. Wagner about Ringstrasse Sitte argued there are too many public opened spaces(squares) in Ringstrasse so he suggested to make small squares connecting one another. Meanwhile, Wagner criticized Ringstrasse by not being modern enough, and his suggestion was to add more rings outside of the Rin
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