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Lecture 2

ARC132 - Lecture 2 - Metropolis and Architecture

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Architecture Studies
Zeynep Celik

 Fritz Lang  Metropolis, 1927  Utopia  An imaginary and indefinitely remote place  A place of ideal perfection  Dystopia  An imaginary place where people lead dehumanized and often fearful lives  Globalization  First Industrial Revolution  Agricultural Revolution  Second Industrial Revolution  Enlightenment  French Revolution  Class dichotomy  Aristocracy  Bourgeoisie  Proletariat  The class of industrial workers who sell their labour to live  Metropolis  Big city  Urbanism  The characteristic way of life of city dwellers  The study of the physical needs of urban societies (city or town planning)  Problem  Industrial city  Engels and The Condition of the Working Classes in England (1854)  Paradox  A contradiction that cannot be resolved  Example  Private interest of individual crowded together, within a limited space  Anonymity and individuality in the metropolis  Blasé attitude  Attitude of apathy or indifference  Segregated space  Dichotomy of classes prevents each class from seeing each other  Masking  Hierarchical space  Facing your hierarchical status by facing it with others of the same class  Problem  Metropolis of Industrial Capitalis
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