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Lecture 3

JAV131H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Communist International, Gerrit Rietveld, Kazimir Malevich

Architecture Studies
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Hans Ibelings

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JAV131 Intro to Architecture: Lecture 3
Looking at…
Abstract, geometrical forms
Reduction/absence of ornament
Emphasis on structure
Breaking with the past
Avant-Garde (translates to vanguard or advance guard, which si the part of an army that goes
forward ahead of the rest): 1910-1925 Dynamic Expressions
Futurism Italy
Cubism France
Expressionism Germany
Neo-plasticism Netherlands
Suprematism/Constructivism Russia/Soviet Union
Purism France (le Corbusier)
The power of the arts is the most immediate
o, oder, aat-garde modernity, modernization, modernism
Launched by Filippo Marinetti
We affir that the orld has ee erihed y a e eauty
Modern times became much more interesting than the past
Artists should get rid of the past and look at the future
Rhythm, noise, speed
The futurists were radicals and wanted to change the world, but used traditional art
forms (paintings, sculptures) to try and change the world paradoxical use the
same art forms that they despise
Futurist Architecture Manifesto, 1914 when architecture made a fresh start
The New City, 1914 the levels of the city become raised, emphasis on the
infrastructure of the city (power stations, train stations); interested in infrastructure
because it fits with their ideology; drawings were not meant to be constructed in real
life but it was more of a movement or idea
Giacomo Matte-Trucco Fiat Lingotto Factory, 1916-23
Pablo Picasso
Josef Chochol Apartment Building, Prague, 1912-13; making architecture out of
cubism (difficult because architecture is an immovable aesthetic, so incorporating
cubism was hard to do) Kovarovic House, Prague, 1912-13
Josef Gocar Bauer Villa, Librodice, 1912; straightforward architecture, but the details
on the railings, doors, gives a slight change to the aesthetic House of the Black
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