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Lecture 2

JAV131H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Henry Van De Velde, Villa Majorelle, Frank Lloyd Wright

Architecture Studies
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Hans Ibelings

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JAV 131 LEC 2 Intro to Arch.
-1895-1914 New Forms skyscrapers were being built
Event Historical fact (Development of reinforced concrete)
Chain of historical facts connecting early experiments to later achievements
o Ex. François Coignet, reifored orete 86’s
-How images are used to support text for assignment 1
Caption Number Architect, Building, City, Year. Description ex. 2.II(right) Antoni Guadi.
Casa Mila, Barcelona, 1905-7, chimneys.
Source name of the website and/or name of photographer
Why are you including certain pictures are you using the same images do you include
pictures that he talks about and not include What do you show?
-New Forms for a New Century
Arts and Crafts Late 19th century
Art Nouveau Jugendstil/National styles 1890-1914
Modern Architecture 1920s-
-Art Nouveau a complex movement/struggle of world views
embraced tech. but man architecture that was unaffordable taking different aspects of
different buildings and putting it together
Two types: Urban cosmopolitan style and peripheral national style
Industrialization and Urbanization of Europe around 1850
-Urban cosmopolitan style
Mainly in Glasgow, Brussels, Paris, Vienna, Barcelona: Urban setting for a new style
Glasgow: Charles Rennie Mackintosh Important Arch. Of this time designs everything
Brussels: as’t iportat efore util Vitor Horta desiged a house Tassel House
o Was a revolution Completely new continuous lines and flowy
Belgium: Henry Van de Velde - Bloemenwerf House
Paris: Hector Guimard, Castel Beranger/Henri Sauvage, villa Majorelle (mainly in Nancy)
newly invented forms of decorations
-National Style
Ålesund, Norway hit by a disaster new buildings were built after 1907
Poland: Stanislaw Witkiewicz, Villa Koliba rural style
Paris (Budapest): Odon Lechner, Museum of applied Arts
Barcelona: Antoni Gaudi, Sagrada Familia makes new abstract form of arch.
everything is loose and organic free forms creates new sense of space
- American parallels to Art Nouveau
California (Pasadena), Charles and Henry Greene, Gamble House formal
Chicago: Frank Lloyd Wright Home and studio or Robie house did’t like ities –
idos ere people ould’t see out – forget the city good at marketing
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