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Lecture 3

JAV132H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Adolf Loos, Thomas Demand, Modern Architecture

Architecture Studies
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Hans Ibelings

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JAV Lecture 
Contemporary Architecture
Jan 28
Lecture 3
Technical media:
Channel or system of communication
After mass media. Newspapers, radio, television etc. collectively, as vehicles of
mass communication
Until after mechanic printing: imitate the building
Print is a media
2 important media:
1st decade of 19th century
Late of 19th century (Muybridge Oalloping Horse 1878)
Reach a mass audience
“Image is itself space carefully constructed by the architect.Demand
Thomas Demand (artist):
Sculpture and photographer
Photograph and reconstruction of crime scene
Modern architecture 19th and 20th century: technology change the discourse of
architecture (especially printing)
Mediate architecture: image
Famous Bauhaus building taken by Walter Gropius
Colomia said: “modern architecture is all about mass media”
Ludwig Mies van der Rche (last director of Bauhaus): took knowledge of
German architect, became 3rd director of Bauhaus (1930-1933), immigrated
to US after
Known for designing skyscraper
Glass Skyscraper, Berlin, 1922
Germany didn't have tech to build high-rise buildings in 1920s
(Very influential) Barcelona Pavilion: existed in reality very briefly (only a
few years), but the photographs of the building continue after it was taken
1983-1986: reconstructed it based on photography
Image can sometimes more important than the real building
Adolf Loos (Austrian) (1870-1933):
Mueller House, Prague, 1930:
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