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Lecture 5

JAV132H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Hasht Behesht, Al-Hakim Mosque, Shah Mosque

Architecture Studies
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Hans Ibelings

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Lecture 5 Feb 2,
Isfahan 1650 in Safavid Empire (Iran)
· Many of the building are not around anymore so we rely on images that were made in the
-John Ogilby, Cityscape of Isfahan, published in 1673
· Western traveller drew a map of the city
-Safavid dynasty 1501-1736 Shah
-1590 Isfahan new capital
· Abbas I: 1587-1629
· Safi I: 1629-42
· Abbas II: 1642-66
· Safi II 9solayman): 1666-94
-1722 Afghan invasion
· Tahamsb II: 1722-32
· Abbas III: 1732-34
-Engelbert Kaempfer, 1712
-Englebert Kaempfer, Isfahan, 1684
· Drawings don’t often represent reality
-Pascal Coste (1867) Dovecots (these were outside the cities)
-Pascal Coste, Camille Olive Mausoleum, Marseilles, 1872
-Kajeh Rabi, Tomb, Mashad, 1617-22
· Persian inspiration
- Marnan Bridge, 1599 LEFT
-Allah Verdi Khan Bridge = So-o se pol (33 bridge), 1600 - LEFT DOWN
-Khaju Bridge = Hassanabad bridge 1650 - RIGHT DOWN
- Joui Bridge, 1660s - RIGHT
-Saharestan Bridge, 1650
-Friday Mosque, 10th-20th century
· Important
· Long building history always changing and adapting
· Has important elements
o Four iwan (courtyards) leading to the entrance to the mosque
o Square in the middle and the beauty decorated entrance
-Islamic architecture
· No clearly defined territory
· No clearly defined period
· No clearly defined style or character
-Caravanserai on the road between Isfahan and Tehran
· Hotel interior was important
-Form and Function
· Almost total absence of specific architectural form for a specific function. There are very few
forms in Islamic architecture that cannot be adapted for a variety of purposes; conversely, a
Muslim building serving a specific function can assume a variety of forms
-What is Islamic Architecture
· A truly negation of architecture as conceived in Europe, that is, of structure; it aims at a
visual negation of the reality of weight and the necessity of support. The various means by
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