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Introduction: The Nature of Archaeological Interpretation

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Gary Coupland

Monday, September 12/11 Archaeological Interpretation G. Coupland Introduction: The Nature ofArchaeological Interpretation Tests • Responsible for lectures & readings with emphasis on in-class material • Not on memorization! Not a lot of dates • Theoretics • Definitions (on major or stressed terms) • Essay questions Assignments • NFG assignment ‘Falasia’gives good example of what is expected • Do not exceed a couple of pages • Four assignments including Cook Valley will be graded • First three assignments are at 15% while Cook Valley is at 20% Archaeological Interpretation: Finding the Middle Range • Archaeological interpretation is all about ‘inferring dynamics’from statistics. It’s all about working backwards • The dynamic cultural and natural process that produce the static archaeological record • This is called ‘Middle Range Theory’(theories of site formation) rather than ‘Big Theory’(theories of human behavior • Humans make things, do activities, etc, and leave things behind • This creates an archaeological site Preservation is about taphonomy - what happens to the thing after it is deposited? Cultural • and Natural processes • It may or may nor preserve. If the materials decompose is it still a site? • Around thing deposited at the top of a hill rolls down.An archaeologist later finds it • Static - no one from site remains to speak to us • Is MRT a prerequisite to BT? • The avenue to understanding BT is archaeological record Epistemology: How Do You Know What You Know or Think You Know • How confident can we be of our interpretations of the past? • We do science... Sort of (Historical science?)
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