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Gary Coupland

Monday, October 3/11 Archaeological Interpretation G. Coupland Stratigraphy General • Spacial Sequence: • Space can have the same effect as time on what you find or don’t find • With an increase in space, we increase difference • Logic of Function • Function has the same general effect as time and space • As distance increases, opportunity for interaction decreases • Therefore there is a lack of influence • May have functional similarities but design will differ • This is a social principle • There are three basic ways that archaeologists can account for assemblage differences • Could be one, or a combination of: • 1) time • 2) space • 3) function • Time and space operate similarly • Law of association • Creating chronology without dates Time is Relative • The closest thing to ‘law’in archaeology • Of course, laws are geographical, not cultural • But the formulation processes of cultural-archaeological strata form as a result of human activities So, stratigraphy has a culture-historical dimension (chronological ordering) and a • processual dimension (formation processes) Law of Superposition • Stratum at bottom of a series was laid down first, those above it successively through time from bottom to top • This law invariant in geology and in archaeology • Although, Law of Superposition may be complicated by upstanding strata (walls) and features (pits) Law ofAssociation Derived from geological Law of Strata Identified by Fossils (fossil director) • • Strata not in superposition may be correlated by their contents • Fossils in a geological context • Artifacts (horizon markers) in archaeological context This law not invariant in archaeology (so, it is not reall
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