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Regional Settlement

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Gary Coupland

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Halloween! Archaeological Interpretation G. Coupland Regional Settlement • The study of how people distribute themselves across the landscape • Spatial, rather than chronological What is a Settlement Pattern? • Archaeological consequence (static) of a settlement system (dynamic) • Site formation writ large • Settlement pattern is conditioned by degree and kind of group mobility • Involves more than one site; • Assumes cultural homogeneity • Could operate minimally at level of locality (community - complete cultural homogeneity) or maximally at level of region (‘tribe’- high level of cultural homogeneity) • Sites in a settlement pattern vary by function • I.e. Village, camp, quarry, cemetery, etc • Represents sum total of annual activities conducted by community or tribe • Settlement patterns are like culture historical units (e.g. Phase) in sense that they have temporal and spatial boundaries Two problems in studying settlement patterns: • • 1) establishing contemporaneity of sites • 2) establishing spatial boundaries of region Importance of Subsistence • Generally held that regional settlement patterns (in part) a response to subsistence needs • I.e. Hunter-gatherers and farmers are expected to have different settlement patterns • Subsistence factors that condition determine settlement pat
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