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ARH309Ethics Week 7 Reading Notes1KingProcess vs PreservationNational Trust for Historic Preservation advocates of preservation says that the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation is preoccupied with process oCouncil doesnt care about outcome as long as all the is are dotted and the ts crossed Such criticism and promising to give more attention to preservation hurts the supposed leadership of ACHPoFail to succeed in its promise and even if they did it is political suicidebut they feel bad like they ought to be better preservationistsResults in ACHP being unsure of its lifes purpose devoting less intellectual attention to the Section 106 process than to the formulation of widely ignored policy recommendations favoring better preservationACHP should not be ashamed for emphasizing processoStake out a position as a proponent of good process irrespective of outcomeCultural resource managers are expected to be proponents ofthe resource and when they cannot achieve what they think to be good preservation they feel bad about itKing believes in processNot to say that he doesnt believe in the importance of preservationfavors keeping historic properties with us and making good use of themTo promote preservation promote good processnot promote preservation above everything elseCRM conflicts involve dispute over properties that some think are pretty important while others dontwhose preservation conflicts with projects that some people at least think are necessary and in the public interest and whose loss can to some extent at least be lessenedAre we good preservationists only if we insist on the preservation of every historic property regardless of its significance its longterm potential for survival the level of public interest in it and the justifications for destroying to altering itHow do we decide whats really importantNational Register criteria 36 CFR 604broad and inclusiveoIf we preserved everything that now is usually considered eligible for the Register it would mean preserving everything that anybody can demonstrate has some historical architectural archaeological or cultural significanceoRegister must be reinterpreted narrowly or revamped oBut how do we decide how they are met How would we apply them to specific propertiesoWhat about the importance of the projects that may cause damage to such properties Would it be ok to lie about the supposed risks
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