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Sampling - Research Design

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Tuesday November 111Archaeological LaboratoriesT BanningSamplingResearch DesignWhy Worry About Research DesignWithout careful planning doing the research could result in a lot of wasted time and effortSometimes ow dont notice until way after youve started your analysis that youre collected the wrong dataOr recording data in a way that wont work for investigating your chosen problemCommon MistakesFailing to specify the research problem in enough detail or not having a clear hypothesisCollecting the wrong kind of dataCollecting the data at the wrong scale for the analytical method you plan to useSelecting inappropriate analytical methodsFailing to think in advance about what result would support weaken or make you reject a particular hypothesisFailing to account for likely sources of error in observation or measurementFailing to specify the population of interest when you do sample or defining it in a very impractical wayOpting for too small a sample size to give any confidence in the resultCollecting a much larger sample than necessary Collecting a sample that is not representative of the populationObtaining results that do not allow you to reject the hypothesis that patterns in the data are due to human error sampling error or some other kind of error threat to validityObtaining results that do not allow ow to distinguish between our hypothesis of interest and some rival hypothesis including the assumptions you made in operationalizing your research again validityObtaining results that look interesting or provocative but are not likely to convince anyoneSearching for patterns or significance in a bunch of haphazard dataCopying someone elses research design even though it was designed for a purpose quite different than yoursPlanningGenerally you can avoid theres mistakes if you invest some time in planning your researchAnticipate the kinds of data that are likely to help you resolve your research problem or test a particular hypothesisPick or develop methods that will get those data and help you interpret themValidity Anticipate threats to internal and external validityInternalwill our results be correct under the circumstances of our research measures we used instruments sample etcExternalcan we legitimately generalize from our research study to some larger situation or populationThreats to Internal ValidityInstrumentationwere out methods instruments and observers consistent
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