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ARH312 2nd Sem Lecture 5

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NDARH 312 2 SEMESTERLECTURE 5QUANTIFICATIONWhy do we need quantification o Comparison between sites or assemblagesEg They ate more fish at Site A than at Site BEg House 6 was probably an elite residence because it has more decorated pottery than the other housesEg Site B is probably older than Site A because it has lower proportion of microliths o These statements need backing from quantificationGeneral issues o What are we counting and measuringWhat do we want to know from archaeological assemblages o How do fragments in archaeological assemblages represent the living populationWhat is the degree of fragmentation o How does excavator bias affect the recovery rate o What about different preservation of elementsTaphonomic effects o Fragmentationsome objects are more fragile and can break into smaller pieceso Postdepositional processes
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