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Class Notes for FAH101H1 at University of Toronto St. George (UTSG)

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UTSGFAH101H1Giancarla PeritiWinter

FAH101H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Greek Mythology, Linguistic Universal, Xenophanes

OC1588144 Page
Greek - to speak or tell, mytheistai . Myth in antiquity didn"t originally have the meaning of a false" story. 5th c emergence of historical literature
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UTSGFAH101H1Giancarla PeritiWinter

FAH101H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Protogeometric Style, Geometric Art, Roman Empire

OC1588141 Page
Roman objects (vases etc. ) found throughout mediterranean due to trading (ex. Myth starts being depicted during the later 8th century. Chronology of g
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UTSGFAH101H1Betsy Bennett PurvisFall

FAH101H1 Lecture 1: FAH101—Ancient Greece

OC11643156 Page
Crete, very advanced society, fell because of earthquakes and tsunamis. Bronze age greece c. 3000-1100 bce: the dominant agean cultures are the minoan
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FAH101H1 Lecture Notes - Otto Demus, Damnatio Memoriae, Ponte Milvio

OC5548713 Page
Tombstones aren"t for the dead but for the living. Furanary figures perpetrates the dead into our society and secures the continuity if not the perpetu
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UTSGFAH101H1Alexandra GorjeltchanSummer

FAH101H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Strasbourg Cathedral, Magdeburg Cathedral, Illuminated Manuscript

OC9471753 Page
Fah 216- late gothic spaces (june 14, 2016) Explored the relationship between the capetian dynasty and churches france had become the location of coron
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UTSGFAH101H1Jane WolfWinter

FAH101H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Henri Le Secq, Albumen Print, Notre Dame De Paris

OC389159 Page
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UTSGFAH101H1Jordan BearWinter

FAH101H1 Lecture Notes - Steamboat Springs (Nevada), Abu Simbel Temples, Fissure Vent

OC901666 Page
Ways in which photographers captured which viewers could not witness themselves. Able to close the gap between viewer and a distant area. Photo of dist
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UTSGFAH101H1Jane WolfFall

FAH101H1 Lecture Notes - Marcel Duchamp, Devotio Moderna, The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society

OC332534 Page
Monuments of art history lecture november 11th 2010. Mona lisa: leo pushes expectations of genre, composition demonstrates triangle moves away from rep
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UTSGFAH101H1Alexandra GorjeltchanSummer

FAH101H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Tracery, North Portal, Saskatchewan, Aisle

OC9471754 Page
Fah 216- high gothic in the ile-de-france (june 2, 2016) The year 1200 style enamel production in limoges and the mosan region. Enamel an art technique
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UTSGFAH101H1Alexandra GorjeltchanSummer

FAH216H1 Lecture 5: FAH 216 Lecture 5 Notes

OC9471755 Page
Fah 216- the twelfth century ii: reform, change, conquest (may 24, 2016) Began with robert of molesme in 1098, founder of cistercian order, upset with
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FAH101 Rembrandt Lecture Notes 2014 (MONUMENTS OF ART HISTORY)

OC3028607 Page
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UTSGFAH101H1B EwaldFall


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