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FAH423H1 - Lecture 1 (September 12th) UofT excavation at Crete beginning next year aims to uncover another palace Archeology is not just the objective of finding things, but there something to be said about the discovery and how its interpreted This course covers Crete from ca. 2000 BCE - 1500 BCE French school is responsible for much of the modern excavations at crete. There has also been many other schools (British, German, Greek?) there for the large part of 100 yrs. Course focus: Middle Minoan Period- Late Minoan Period • Minoan period names (as a sequence of time/history) more fluid than dates Palace of Knossos • 13,000 Sq Meters • Central court - size of a soccer pitch • Plan looks unified, although this is disputed (we will break down all the palace components in the course) • Palace at Knossos is not a greek temple, in the sense of a single/unified struc- ture with a specific purpose • ex. Villas, Theatres, Temples have single functions • The Palace at Knossos had several functions - ex. cult aspects and the- atrical area, storage, domestic quarter with a residential purpose etc. • You have to love the vagueness of prehistory - lots of maybes, perhaps, could be - not a lot of certainty • Palace is also a place with multiple storerooms, which could have housed large quantities of “essentials” beyond the capacity of its residences - distribution pur- poses? • Also some evidence of craftsmanship/artisan activities to create luxury goods • Administrative centre • * A lot of different functions associated with the Palace of Knossos •We can’t attribute it to one specific institution • People have called the Palace of Knossos a microcosm of Minoan soci- ety because it is all there (society, politics, religion and economy) Knossos as a Modern Monument • Palace of Knossos is the largest and first excavated palace on Crete • Much of what visitors see today has been constructed in the last 100 yrs. Re- constructions have consisted of tons of concrete (50% of the fabric has been added) • Concrete first added
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