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Lecture 7

FAH432H1 - Palaces of Minoan Crete - Lecture 7.doc

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University of Toronto St. George
Carl Knappett

FAH432H1 - Lecture 7: Ayia Triada and Kommos: the palace usurpers? • SW Crete - close to Phaistos • Ayia Triada - we’ll see this spelled in many ways - just go with this one it’s the easiest • Are they taking over the palace at Phaistos? - we know they are inter-related b/c of their close proximity • 2nd Palace phenomena • Previously we’ve focused on the three big palaces of the First Palace Period • From this week on, focus falls on developments in the Second Palace Period • Mesara Triangle • Some sort of dynamic between the there sites (Kommos, Hagia Triada and Phais- tos (Palace) ) - creates a triangle • Talked about in the literature • There has been all sorts of different interpretations - Hagia Triada as a summer house for the rulers of the Phaistos palace? etc. • Ayia Triada • Doesn’t look too Palace like in its form - we have some Ashlars • We can’t see a west court, central court etc. which would make us believe its a Palace - there is some sort of court however • Complex is a little confusing b/c there is quite a bit of well preserved MMIII (ex. Stoas - which we won’t really talk about) • Footprint is quite a bit smaller than a palace • Excavated by Italian and British teams since the early 20th century - some names are Italian • Argued by Watrous 1984 that is two villas here (he didn’t actually work on the site) - this has been discounted by the Italians • Room 14 - sometimes called a shrine/cult-rooms - also has quite nice frescos in it • Some sort of domestic area flanks the shrine/cult area - suggestion has been b/c of the size of the rooms and finds that it was the ‘servants quarters’ • Vano - Room • When was the complex set up? • Sometime in the neopalatial period the Villa was built • Suggestion is a little later into the neopalatial period - MMIIIB - LMIA • Two areas of the complex - upper villa and lower village • Ayia Triada Room 14 Frescos • Watrous thought this room was a bed room - more likely a shrine/cult room • Both images are both reconstructions - problem is they look different (b/c fres- cos are fragmentary) FAH432H1 - Lecture 7: Ayia Triada and Kommos: the palace usurpers? • We have nature scenes which are very typical at Knossos - also women doing things • Painting program can almost be called Knossisan - not typical of all sites (in- cluding Phaistos) • Are the frescos decorative or cultic? - this a big debate • From Ayia Triada we have three of the most important relief stone vases found on Crete - all believed b/c of quality must have come from Knossos • The Harv
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