Fah344 Week 8

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20 Mar 2013
March 19, 2013
FAH344 -2nd half of lecture Week 8
Nightwatch Company of Captain Francis Bannif Cocq, Rembrandt, 1947
Pictorial layers. Sometimes translucent layers, or paint sticks out of painting
building up. Older he gets more goes away linking well-organized translucent style
of his earlier works. He develops a manner discussed by art historians as a rough
manner “non finito” but it is finished and signed by Rembrandt what it means is that
he pushes the moment of visual perception much further than most artist of his
generation would have done. His activation ability to create bundle of light, this light
is concentrated on human figure when it does it goes into motion. Distribution of
light acts against darkened background mobile perspective effect quite often lost in
attempts to reproduce it. Commissioned by a guild in 1942 corporation of
musketeers volunteer warriors. Protect country against Spanish invasion and
possible occupation by the 1630s and 40s these militarized proud of their existence
group of men performing exercises with weapons and getting together a certain
amount of times a month. Decorative symbolic element expressed core of united
provinces culture. Painting as document commissioned by France ban Cocq famous
captain of this group stands in center conveying ideas his mouth is slightly open
speaking. He himself captain may be only person who had experience of real
military operation. Because of him we have a precise description of painting written
years after the paintings completion. Corporate portrait, 18 ppl contributed their
money to portrait according to their placement in the painting. Static corporate
portrait was not something Rembrandt wanted to do when he was at his creative
top of his artistic abilities and search so he infuses it with action, group steps out of
headquarters onto the street, there is an arch behind central figures which is
basically the headquarters of company, they are no in even formation but triangular
lead by two main characters that break formal foreground of painting. Smoke
coming out of gun. Drama includes dynamism might have been translated into
further interpretation of painting that suggest impeded conflict between main
characters. Procession is disorderly. Rebrand had to appeal to corporation, his
works had to be accessed by them and this humiliated him.
Velasquez uses thick and knotty canvases. He sprinkled white minerals on his
canvases which falls on already thickened surface of canvas creates a trap for light?
Experimentational process both he and Rembrandt pursue.
Bathsheba, Rembrandt king on rood observing her if they’re highlighting is achieved
at cost of lowering tunnel effect of foreground.
Satire on Art Criticism, Rembrandt
Characature on assessors not necessarily art critics. Man sitting on barrel point
towards painting probably portrait with his pipe directing to Rembrandt own work
his rejected portrait that he had to litigate. Two ears poking out of hat of a man. Bad
judge Apollo lost and have mitis big ears. Sitting on barrel reference to … some ppl
very attentive openin eary leaning closer. Other artists carrying big canvases and
stretchers to be accessed. Edgy element is artist who sits in corner and wipes his but
very disrespectfully. Expresses Rembrandts disgust and pain. Humiliating
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