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Jordan Bear

Mix Measuring Man: photography, empire, and ethnology March 7, 2013 • Origin of species: it suggested that European were related to Africans, and that all human beings had descended from apes • Used for important ways of breaking down old racist conceptions from human history • Visual representation was key to these idea, the debates of human evolution • Phrenology: the sizes of different areas of the brain could be determines by looking at different skulls - not really true • They based moral feelings of the way the skull was shaped • Visual diagram: top is Western European, Greek Apollo like statue, with white skull, next is the creole negro and his skull, the the ape and his skull • Dammann, "Abdullah": shaved bald head, allows of ideas to be applied in real life • Damman, men in a mock battle. 1870s: diversity in his work, whatever scientist pretensions, that. Was only one part of a photographic study, tropical background • Lamprey, front and profile views of a Malayan male, 1869: no tropical background with its unusual foliage, we have a grad, setting up the body of the non white man as the subject for measurement and study, that's why he is up against a grid, can come to conclusions how the body connects with underlying precepts Rounding up the Usual suspects: photography and the law • Front and profile, like we take photos of people who have been arrested today • Bertillon, measuring the elbow: his main contribution was to develop a system to take far of measurements and apply that to a system of imaging and restoring and retrieving • Bertillon was convinced that of you could set up a way to take bodily measurement, and storing them and could be easily retrieved, so that if someone came in years later, you could find measurements to match • He developed an intricate system for taking these measurements • He included photos of different ear shapes, noses, and hairstyles • Things that can change are some how seen as things that cannot change, the system has somewhat of a limited use • Bertillon began fingerprinting, which took over from the photographic method • Portrait of two will wests, inmates of the United States: there are two men both named will west, looks very similar and would switch places, got Bertillon to take all their measurements to tell them apart • Roger: goes out in search of himself, travels to brazil, gets a notice that his father has died and not he is the Baronet, and he must return to England, but he ship back sinks and he is assumed dead • His mother aggressively assumes that her some might have survived, put ads in papers, got detectives, even goes to psychic that says he's alive • A man emerges claiming to be her son, • Left is a photo is of roger, right is the claimed roger, a grid is placed over the three photographs, provide a set of photographs to the jury • Man on the right was sentenced to 14 years in prison for
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