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FAH272 Lecture Notes Week 9 - March 11.docx

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Dr.Sharon Vattay

March 11 Lecture Notes Art nouveau - was really the first stage of modern architecture in Europe because it was here that we first see the architects turn away from historicism - started the design spatially in a different way than previously found - rooms open up and are not as strictly defined - art nouveau and arts & crafts movement are not the same thing Frank Lloyd Wright - you can see aspects of art nouveau as well as social philosophies found in the arts and crafts movement - organic architecture o the unification of architecture o unification of a building to its site, indoors to outside, all features of the building and site unified o working with the same concept of arts&crafts architecture - created a huge body of work over his career - many misconceptions about his architecture - had a keen knowledge about the inhabitants of his buildings - knowledge about the everyday activities of the family, did many single family homes - had many influences: o Sullivan – goal was to work in Sullivan’s office but was fired because he was going his own work on the side o His mother – pushed him to be an architect - He had a lot of opportunity to experiment o He was sought after for private commissions so had a lot of them o Was very interested in architecture in the orient o He was looking at his own country and setting - Respected Henry Richardson, definitely an influence on Wright - He never copied architecture, he combined ideas and utilized them Winslow House, Illinois, FL Wright, 1893 - First independent commission - For an open minded client - Beginning of him designing private homes - Here at the turn of the century there was an economic boom for the upper and middle class so there was a lot of opportunity to build these buildings - Building o Lot of details in the form and layout o Integration with the site o The second floor is very much diminished in its visual impact  Due to very broad eaves  Shades second story  Roof sits right about the lintel and the ground floor seems to extend to the sill of the window (how it looks outside, inside is more practical)  This connected the house more to the site, bringing it down into the earth o Linear quality, horizontal emphasis o Roman brick (long and horizontal) o Large fireplace in the center - A Home in a Prairie Town (article written by FL Wright about the house) Roble House, Chicago, FL Wright, 1909 - Good example of one of the houses that come out of this prairie style move - Another example of suburban living - Building with shifting planes jutting out into the landscape - Creates a real integration of special units on top of one another - Makes an interesting visual link between the inside and the outside - Integration of steel into buildings (important for the structural components of the building) - Emphasis on horizontals w/ horizontal brick - One large room with fireplace in the middle - Overhang roof shades window from the sun - Light was a building tool for Wright - ‘total work of art’ as fixtures, tapestries etc. are included The Larkin Factory Office Building, Buffalo, FL Wright, 1902-1904 - Administrative building for the Larkin factory - Major units in corners are stairs and ventilating shafts - Very much interested in form following function - Interesting office building - 6 storey shaft of light in the middle allows for good light onto the floor - Light fixtures integrated into design - He even designed the furniture, the chairs and desks - ‘total work of art’ - Quite important in the history of architecture Massey College, FL Wright, University of Toronto Factory Administration Building, Werkbund exhibition, Meyer and Gropius, 1914 - Encouraged artists, manufactures and everyone to come together Bauhaus, Dessau, Germany, Walter Gropius, 1925 - Schoo
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