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Lecture 1

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University of Toronto St. George

LECTURE 1Building and locationappearanceWhere the building is and why it looks the way it doesBuildings are neither just structures nor just the outer formsLooking at building in a bigger context diachronic across a timeline and synchronic look at all aspects that affect the building at the same timeLocation a synchronic aspect special for buildings as compared to paintings where location is not as important Knowing where the buildings is countrycityurbanrural will offer info on what the buildings are and why they look the way they doThe setting has become one of the buildings characteristicsEg Galleria Vittorio A building that ts into its urban contextEg Falling Water Will not be possible in any setting other than the one it is in We cannot separate a building from its locationWays to approach the study of a buildingEg Carson Pirie and Scott StoreAppearance Large building with regularlyspaced windows multistoryAdvancement in technology Steel frame construction invention and advance of elevatorsGreat Fire in Chicago 1871 Impacted architecture in North AmericaConsumer culture Consumerism impacts a buildings designNew building types Department store not exist prior to 19th centuryGender issue How architecture is a reection of the way ppl use buildings specically the difference between gender rolesCorporate nancing and urban design Property values and how that impacted architectureConnections of buildingsKey component in understanding why buildings look the way they doEg a british house of parliament looking a certain way achieved through a style of architecture And the similar style is being used for house of parliament in Canada as well a different country The fact that the web of connection between the buildings exists forces us to look in to why certain styles are chosen to project certain thingsThe web of connection goes both forward to the future and backward to the past eg past building types being revived 19th century House of Parliament is built in a Gothic revival styleStart of modernism1750What makes 1750s leading up to modernismAge of enlightenmentkey aspect search for knowledge using science instead of superstition and believe in divine intervention Looking more at science and rational philosophies of understanding man and worldOath of the Horatii Neoclassic painting idea of morality and the connection to the previous timeIndustrial revolutionNew materials created out of new technologiesMigration of labour the factories were put into active use in urban centers inux of ppl from rural to urban huge impact on all aspect of societyIncreased mobility eg train station appeared due to the invention of trains
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