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Lecture 2

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LECTURE 2Purication and SimplicationWhat is happening in England is also happening in FranceSynchronic way of looking at architecture look at what happened to the society as a who esp theoristEssai sur larchitecture Paris MarcAntoine Laugier 1753An essay that expanded the rationalist view of archi and how it relates to the period of enlightenment Wasnt simply looking at classical moralvirtueprimitiveprior to the corruption of the society through the Baroque period but also nature Believe in the truth of natureTied up to enlightenment looking at things in a scientic way by engaging in man and nature and what nature tells us instead of divine and superstitionSuggested that the universal path that archi should follow is one that comes from natureprimitive time from the beginning of time in this case classical time in this case the classical periodPrimitive hut a hypothetical hut created by Laugier to express the idea about rationality and purity of design Illustrated a building designed using elements in nature Expressing the purest form of architecture bc it could be found in nature Advocating the clarity of designArchi features eg column are true to their image ie they do support the lentil and pedimentDuring Baroque have buildings incorporate classical details but eg columns are not being used in a rational way only applied to the building only for decoration ie architect applied decorative columns true to the form of classicism but not functional Functionality should be expressed in the buildingFrench RevolutionThe 28th of July Liverty Leading the People Eugene Delacrolx 1830 Many changes huge impact on society including architecture Napoleon declared himself as emperorEg Oath of the Horati although the story refers to a classical story in Roman period the painting was done in modern period 1780s bc it had a heroic subject matter has a clarity in its design and form that allowed for the painting to teach ppl who saw it about the heroic quality Also lent an air of authority and stability to the period and what is going onGovernment at that time eg Napoleon grasped on neoclassicism bc they felt the style portrays something in their society Architecture speaks to the public and educate them Madame du Pompadour Francois BoucherPowerful mistress of the King had control over artistic paintingsBoucher Rococo painter a style ppl are moving away from at that timeSent her brother Marquis de Marigny on a Grand Tour Pompeii Herculaneum understood the Roman art circle Marigny came back and became an important government ofcial appointed director of royal buildings Started to sway architects of the time who design for the government to take on a neoclassical pathThe Pantheon Chhurch of SteGenevieve Paris JacquesGermain Soufot 17551792Long period of construction building function changes during the course of constructionAka Pantheon means Temple to all Gods The Roman Pantheon 1st cent AD was built as a temple to the Gods while Paris Pantheon was originally built as a Christian Church But during the construction it was determined by the government due to the French Revolution upheavals etc to change the programme from a church to a place to honour the most important citizens in France entomb famous pplThe rst most signi
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