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Lecture 3

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LECTURE 3Identication Name of the building architect surname unless father and son locationspecic date down to years write sth about the building showingwhat you know about the building Know all the works of the architects in the textbook discussed in classSo far we coveredBeginning of modernism neoclassicism as revolt against RococoAt the same time also have many specialized styles came into playWhat makes the 19th century so complex in terms of art and architecture is that there are too many to label cannot label the period as Renaissance or BaroqueFirst part of 19th century is therefore know as The battle of stylesVictorian architecture refers to the period when Queen Elizabeth in her reign 18371901 not a style though in some cases it becomes a stylistic category more of an era Within Victorian period there were many different styles of architecture eg Greek revival Gothic revival Renaissance revival and others It is a stylistic category for British and its colonies architectureThe dream of the Architect Thomas Cole 1840During the period of the battle of the stylesAn architect sleeping on a bed of gigantic folios of architecture books on a gigantic columnthe background of the painting is his dream Greek Roman Egyptian GothicGothic revival architecture all the styles that were popular in the 1840s are represented in this paintingMany architects were capable of designing in a number of styles it is important to gure out why they chose one over another when designingIntroduction of new inspiration beyond Greek and Rome comes from the fact that geographically theres more accesstravel to these places expansion of railways see more new culturesRoyal Pavilion Brighton John Nash 18181820Clear inuence in india due to the accessible nature of traveling to IndiaRetreat for Prince of Wills future kingPlayful adaptation of a palace using a style that wasnt common created an unusual monumentsThe Tombs NY city John Haviland 1838A prison in DT ManhattanEgyptian motif unique columns squat with ared capital not seen in Greek and Roman architecture Battering the way the walls angled out is also typical Egyptian motifExotic taste gained momentum after Napoleons battles and the troops lured all the other countriesGreek RevivalBrandenburg Gate Berlin Carl Gotthard Langhans 17881791Was shown as a comparison to the plate from Ruins of the most beautiful monuments of Greece propylea in Athens the entrance gate to acropolis The entrance gate has similarity with Brandenburg gate which was for ceremonial entrance Taking the classical features and conguration of the gate itselfGermany and Britain had a very close relationship in terms of arc
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