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Art History 20110922 Aspects of the Asian World Chinese Terracotta Warriors Egyptian Burials Etruscan Tombs Timeless questions1 What remains if anything Afterlife 2 Where do we go if anywhere heavenhell 3 Who will remember Nobody knows the answer but one thing is certain DeathHow do we make sure we are remembered beyond deathWith monuments Art images and architectureFunerary figures from Ari Ghazal near Amman Jordan Ca 67506250BCEPortraits Simulacrum Latin from similar Images that are similar to the real objects The criteria for the realism of these portraits often depend on social conditionsThey are not realities they are rather a mere fabrication of reality Funerary burial SitesCommemoration for the living 1 Portrait of a Roman citizenoften put in a courtyard when one dies 2 Imperial or rulers portraits in history in most cases less realistic compared to portraits of a person of a lower social status Often idealized What did people do to commemorate the deadrooms near the burial sites musiciansdancers serve to entertain the deadEgypt Egyptians did not make a clear distinction of body and soul They had a concept of kavital spark which distinguishes the difference between the living and the dead They believed that ka was preserved by food and drink and so they provided food drinks furniture statuettes and utensils to the mummies Animals were mummified tooAlong the Nile were burial places the housing for eternity pyramidCommemorative structures1 Mastaba in Arabic means bench rectangular shaped2 Stepped Pyramid3 PyramidItalia Etruscan Sarcophagus
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