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ART HISTORY NEW REALITIES VISUALIZED THE ARENA CHAPEL IN ITALY thGIOTTO October 28 2010Status of Giotto in art history Cutting edge border bw medieval art and renaissance art works embody aspects of renaissanceand style but novelty of his work accomplished by different means Madonna on throne with Christ on her lap comparisonstudent who surpassed his teacherInfluenced by byzantine artaspects of medieval aesthetics arrangement offigure angels seem flat faces and posses are rather conventional none looks at image at centre there is no interconnection they all seem light like leaves Christ looks like miniature human beingGiotto angels look heavier how he juxtaposes areas of dark and light color work to model the form3d aspect of volumesrelationship with figures looking in the centre space is different see novelty of Giotto style depicting space as seen in nature conscious distribution of figureshe plays with figures so there someone in forefrontmiddle ground indicatedhe indicates special accessionlooks real precursor to renaissance rendering human form and emotion in more realistic waynaturalism int of human formdramatic all over frescoes Status of renaissance artist Giotto early example whose work and life were intertwined he was famous and perpetuated in writingsof his contemporaries medieval artist regulated to secondary position god master artist renaissance artist socially empowerednot only from quality of work but also mediated through text Lived in Florence but he traveled Revival of class
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