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Published on 15 Apr 2012
Jacques Louis David / Goya
Examples of two different styles in the same period neoclassicism, and romanticism
Goya based in Spain, David in France
End of 18h century age of revolution; feudal system (Industrial revolution), French revolution, American Revolution,
Age of great idealism, the dismantling of monarchy; promises of equality etc promised by France
Both artists responded differently to what was happening , but both took account of contemporary history and made it
part of their art, both had similar history, court painters, royal and aristocratic patrons and witnessed turbulent wars
Goya given title as King painter, Charles Iv, and became first court painter in all of Spain
David, dominated salons before the revolution, leading proponent of neoclassicism,
He was a chameleon artist, changed his loyalties, politics had relation to his art, he was a pragmatist , his art served
different purposes in different times
David associated with Jacobins, survived the guillotine, and then became painter of napoleon
Goya remained disassociated from politics, typical of romanticism, he witnessed what occurred, but never actively
involved in politics , compassionate nationalist artist
The Oath of Horiatis./ The Lictors Bringing Brutes the Bodies of his Sons, commissioned by Louis , show neoclassical
style and subjects dear to French , history of early roman empire, which foster sense of moral justice, sense of
History painting, offered ideals of civic duty
Horiatis, battle of Alba and Roman Empire, father figure summons 3 sons pledging them to personal sacrifice in the
service of the state, mother and sisters are in mourning. Family drama; sisters were married to brothers from town of
Alba, whoever won, would still have negative impact. Woman rendered to demonstrate nurturing or mothering
The Lictors: centers on roman leader, founder of roman republic, ordered to kill his sons, because they conspired
against him, family drama overlapping theme of civic duty and service to the state, women reacting with emotional
Painting show how individual life is nothing in comparison to the fate of the collective, this moral is something that
revolutionaries used for other purposes
Neo classism- clarity of representation, places them on a stage and centralizes focus, on their gestures, space is
limited tries to recreate atmosphere of the past , paint is flat, nothing interferes with perception of drama, orderly
contained and structured
Paintings are theatrical
1791- oath of the tennis court- David is revolutionist and very politically active,
His drawings show he aspects of reality at the time, he was called to depict revolution, and he tries to combine sense
o patriotism and contained art in his paintings made for revolutionaries
Realism in desire to depict realistic faces
He tried to accommodate realism and accuracy for classical style, even though he was painting for revolutionaries
The Death of Marat: member of Jacobin government who was stabbed to death in his bathtub by Charlotte __
Elements of reality that infuse painting, that if not looks symbolic, Caravaggio or Christ
Set up, body, wound, etc ,
Dark background, illumination transforms historical event into symbolic image and man as martyr of the revolution
Barra; killed soldiers history transformed in neoclassical way, stud of the nude
Jacobins overthrown in mid 90’s; David thrown in jail, tyrant of the arts he repented his role in revolution and because
of his status he was spared
Mme Recamier, after released from prison, painted upper class subjects everything is contemporary, but styled to
what Greek style would have looked like
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