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19 Apr 2012
Art History 2011-12-01
New Dimensions
Les Demoiselles dAvignon
1900 Art died. But, what came after? New beginning, different art.
free yourself: different directions
- Renaissance antiquity abandoned (Rodin)
- Impressionism (Manet)
- Rules & Theories of art and proportions abandoned (Czezan)
- Different views of painting/ what they should do
Pablo Picasso
1901- 1907 (everything changed: cubism was invented)
Les Demoiselles dAvignon
, 1907 ,Pablo Picasso: over life-sized
- Matisse thought it was a mockery to modern art
- Severe criticism received by various artists at the time
- Looking at the same object at different angles
The Brothels
- Former names of Les Demoiselles. Subject: prostitutes of Avignon street in Barcelona
- Famous subject of the time period (the Name Day of the Madam. 1876-77, Degas)
Womens Heads
- Compared with an African Mask never intended to be art. In was a cult object, bears a
different truth
- Wasnt an unique approach by Picasso
- It was fashionable at the time for artists to collect African/ Polynesian masks and artifacts
The Russian Avant-garde
- The extreme new way
- The Black Quadrilateral: the beginning of new dimension (where it was hung was
- From cubism to Futurism and suprematism: Malevichs manifesto: breaking out of the
confinement of the old paradigm
- Valdamir Tatlin, Corner Relief 1914-15: share various dimensions, the sculpture is not in a
stable position on the ground
- Natalia Goncharova, St. Michael: a new way of depiction of religious figure
Art in Motion
- Art: What makes art?
- Marcel Duchamp,
, 1917: urinal?
- Marcel Duchamp, Mona Lisa poster with beard and moustache 1919 (the date is
significant). L.H.O.O.Q She has a hard ass?” disrespectful to renaissance art
- Futurism, Dada, Abstraction, The New York School, Minimalism, Avantgardes, Port
Avantgarde, Post Modern art..
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