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Art History 20111117 Romanticism and Revolution Goya and JacquesLouis DavidFrancisco Jose de Goya y Lucientes 17461828 Jacques Louis David 17481825 In very different ways involved with history and politics of the timeRomanticismJJ Rousseaus exclamation man is born free but is everywhere in chainsemphasized individual freedom property will speech etcFreedom through imagination rather than reason and function thru feeling rather than thinkingIt emerged from a desire for freedom Not just a political one but in every aspect GoyaDisliked the classical antiquity NeoclassicismHis only teachers Velasquez Rembrandt and natureWorked as a court paintersummoned by Raphael Mengs Royal factory of Santa Barbara painted the royal family many portraitsHis technique brush stroke and light resembled the one of Rembrandt and his inspiration nature resembled the one of Raphael MengsGoyas The Family of Carlos IV depicted the ugly queen and other ladiesMaja 18011803 clothed Desnude caused a stirrup in the court Regarded as highly inappropriate due to his choice of depicting pubic hair which was often avoided These are the last paintings he painted for the court The Third of May El tres de mayo 1814Painted for Ferdinand VII who was restored to the crown after the French was defeatedIs this art Certainly not something you would hang up in your bedroomJuxtaposed with Rubens The Outbreak of War which was not gruesome In parallel with another drawing of Rubens time Hanging Tree 162933 by Jacques Callot It was a direct description of the war Etching of Goya Etching printing technique where the medium is a thin copper plateThis is covered with an acidresistant mixture known as the etching ground composed of asphalt resin and wax Into this thin covering the design is drawn with an etching needle so that where the needle penetrates the etching ground the copper is exposed The plate is then laid in a bath of dilute acid The exposed parts that are no longer protected from the acid by the etching groundthat is the lines of the design are etched away producing grooves in the surface of the metal The longer the plate is left in the bath the deeper these grooves become If particular lines have to be deeper than others the plate is removed from the bath the lines that have been bitten deeply enough are
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