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19 Apr 2012
Art History 2011-11-04
The Renaissance of the North: A new version of Reality
Melchoir Broederlam, Announciation
- Gothic windows + Renaissance building significant meaning?
- Breaking point when the old testament ends and new testament starts
Netherlandish Painters of the Renaissance
- Jan Van Eyck (1390-1441)
- Rogier Van Der Weyden (1399-1464)
- Robert Campin (1375-)
Jan Van Eyck
- Worked for the Duke of Burgundy, Phillip the good and wealthy Italians including
- Self portrait: exotic hat? : Frame with inscription inscribed, signed and dated
- Focus was on contemporary reality, not on version of reality
- reading the picture
- Branch of the history of art which concerns itself with the subject matter of meaning of
works of art, as opposed to their form. It tries to define the distinction between subject
matter or meaning on the one hand, and form on the other. (according to Panofsky)
- Depicted truth or disguised symbols?
The Rolin Madonna 1433-34. Jan Van Eyck
- Angel thats about to put a crown on Marys head: Mary the Queen
- The book (Cardinals personal prayer book with Marys picture) so Mary sitting there is
Cardinas imagination while hes reading the book and praying
St.Luke painting the Virgin 1434-35. Rogier van der Weyden
- Portrait of a guy drawing Christ Child
- Ox underneath a table?: significant symbol. Ox is an animal that signifies st.Luke
The Anolfinis wedding 1434. Jan Van Eyck
- The convex mirror (luxury item used by bankers) in the background reflection the artist
and another person
- Inscription above Jan Van Eyck was here and the date
- Detail: holding hands: was it morganatic marriage?
- Symbols- Orange (wealth), Clogs, Chandelier (only 1 candle burning), Statuette of St.
Margaret (patron saint of pregnancy) Bed post and brush( symbol of domestic abilities),
Dog (Emblem of lust? Or just a lap dog?), Rosary, 10 medallions around the convex mirror
(passion of Christ)
The Picture as a mirror of reality
The mirror as a reflection of reality
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