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ART HISTORYLECTURE4 stOctober 1 2009The Byzantine World and the Hagia Sophia Hagia SophiaHoly Wisdomnext week writing assignment to be given Byzantine state continuation of ancient Roman Empirean eastern sector of the REByzantine emperor basileus in THEORY he was the head of state They were absolutist rulersEx depiction of Constantine anointed by Christshows absolutistRetains in our own society Canada DG Regina on the LoonyDEI GRATIA REGINAQueen by the Grace of God Several depictions of emperors empressesDIVINELY instituted mostly by ChristDepicting the legitimacy of the rulers of the timeas they were in theory put into rule by the rightful will of God etc Power is structured differently in Byzantium than in the West RomePope the highest Priest the highest pontiff As the Pope is the highest representative of Christ on earthTwo ends of power within the RE causes problemsPope claims that all on earth is subjected to his power emperors obviously didnt like thisEmperor has to be put into power officiated by the Pope himself in Rome th Builds up until the late 12 century where issues with dual Churches win the empireGreat Schism Trade during this time win the Mediterranean was frequentactive part of economyEsp Italy genoa venice etcopening up trade routes into the East to Constantinople expanding trade routes across mediterrto Africa and pushing EastIconoclasmFirst iconoclastic period730787Second period814842iconsimages of Saints Jesus religious icons etc This period identifies more of a war against picture As to whowhat should be d
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