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Intellectual Paradigms + Thinkers I

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University of Toronto St. George
Leanne Caroll

FAH102H1 Week 5, June 16 2011 Critical Thinkers + Intellectual Paradigms -various theories that have PROMPTED new art historian practices -Marx, Freud + psychoanalysis, Postcolonialism Theory + Art History -theory = basis of action. Eg. This method is based on this theory .. -explanation of how phenomena work -POSITIVISM: -just the facts, no interpretations -looks at scientific facts, not socialcultural influencesdistractions -highly descriptive accounts of artworks + artist bios. Comes prior to interpretation. Often claims to be more factual -a theory in itself -critique: its imposible to separate positivism completely from contexts; it looks at individuals (eg. This person created this work, and therefore work reflects himher) Theory + Methodology: -Theory: the process of formulating research questions -Methodology: set of proceduresways of answering those questions -Iverson, Melville: purpose determines the purpose of the study. -few art historians work with a single theory -Harris: theory is also needed to allow us to invent + mobilize forms of argument + procedures required in forming alternatives to the dominant practice -theory is a tool which we have to grapple anew each time we use it MARXISM: -Socialist theories -Marx + Engels, predominantly -history, culture, AND economics. Marxism does not always equal Communist government => it is a broader framework for art history -Das Kapital: exploitation of workers labour; The Communist Manifesto: the history of society is the history of class struggles (under Capitalism) -bourgeoisie (own the means of production) vs. proletariat (workers) -economy = base, which determines the superstructure (forms of society + the state) -**art is used by dominant class to motivate + control lower classes; lower classes can also use art to challenge dominant -art is not limited to geniuses; anyone is capable -how does Capitalism survive if it is so oppressive? -Gramsci: theory of cultural longevity. Cultural hegemony. 1
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