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Leanne Caroll

FAH102H1 Week 3, Day 1 33111 MUSEUMS -relationship btwn museum + personal experience -museum + art history -museum + art production -museum as mausoleum -aesthetic experience -next assignment -collect + evaluate pieces of art -special ways of presenting pieces + travelling exhibitions -compare narratives, chronological sequences, to recreate the forward motion of art history -often place artwork into pure art spaces unlike cluttered homes religious buildings -often arranges art into chapters like art history books: creates a narrative with beginning + conclusion (significance) -meaning in museum is created through JUXTAPOSITION of objects -try to fill gaps in their exhibitions to present major works from all periods Transformation of Art Museums -the first museums were organized on historical lines, and appeared after the Old Regime -eg. The Louvre = deluded art -what came first: idea historical narratives or art museums? -they seemed to appear simultaneously -Hegel: Historical Development of Painting -> museums only make sense if art is arranged into historical order -however, the transformation of the art museums from historical to museum-specific institutions suggest that museums are open to interpretation + revision -Manets Olympia -Foucault suggests that Manets paintings are the first museum paintings -thus, Manets painting operates in specific relationship to previous paintings (Sleeping Venus, Venus of Urbino) with the awareness of archival art forms -> pop culture: awareness of art as a multitude of imagesiconsetc. that act in dialogue with one another MuseumsColonialismNationalism: -older museums in France + British tend to exhibit objects that have been raided from colonial places
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