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Lecture 5

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Week 5Iconography and Primary SourcesVernon Hyde Minor Chapter 15 o Ut Pictura PoesisThe connection between word and image is therefore deeply embedded within Western cultural traditions and forms the basis of many traditional interpretations of works of artThe distinction between modes of rhetorica baroque ceiling painting is meant for a large audience placed at considerable distance whereas a flower painting expects a viewer to study it in detailwas widely understood in the early modern eraAristotle has also said that a poem and a painting have other fundamental similaritiesBoth imitate nature both do so through plot or design both employ narrative devices and both tell many of the same storiesBoth art and poetry are more truthful than history which merely chronicles events that in and of themselves contain no great meaningThe greek word mimesis imitation adopted more of a representing definition rather copyingThe artist discovered the ideal by traveling one of at least three routes by choosing the most beautiful instances in nature as in combining a halfdozen or so beautiful faces to create a composite more beautiful than any single example by imitating the great masters exemplaria graeca or by discovering the idea of beauty within his or her own mind which reflects the mind of God disegno internoWords and images by their very nature seek the idealThe painterpoet should care more about human action and the human ideal which has to do with ethical and spiritual meaning than with beautiful sunsets or perfect treesIt was the human story created by human action brought about or motivated by human character or will of God that Italian theory considered importantDa Vinci wrote that paintings can produce harmonies that are never found in language how it appeals to the eyewhich is far nobler than the earand how it is experienced all at once and therefore is more compact and sensible than poetry which takes a long time to heart and is not always easy to understandA painting has a more immediate psychological effect on the viewer than does the poemPoetry and literature in general rely on humanmade conventionswhereas painting goes directly to the images of nature and bodies them forth for the delectation of the viewer
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