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Week 8Museums TodayDanielle Rice The Art Idea in the Museum Settingin Journal of Aesthetic Education vol 25 no 4 25th Anniversary Issue Winter 1991 pp 127136 jstorBefore the French Revolution some but a few collections of art were made accessible to the public in Germany Austria Spain and Italy o The Medici collection since 1743 exhibited in the Uffizi and now owned by the city of FlorenceThe gallery belonged to Cosimo I Medici 15191574 and was built on designs by Giorgio Vasari in 1560These were the offices for the Florentine magistrates hence the name UFFIZI which means officesAfter the fall of the Medici the collection was opened to visitors on request in the 16th c and opened to the public in 1765 o The Museum Fridericianum in Kassel Germany was erected between 1769 and 1779 as the first independent museum buildingThe first European building planned and designed to be a museumFridericianum was built from 1769 to 1779The federal state library is there since 1880A big part of Fridericianum was destroyed in WW II350000 books were burnedIt was built from 1769 to 1779 according to plans by ClaudeNicolas LedouxIt is the first neoclassical building conceived as a museum
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