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Week 10Gender and ArtFeminismVernon Hyde Minor chapters 14 15 o In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the submission of women came to be question by a number of socially conscious thinkersMary Wollstonecrafts A Vindication of the Rights of Women 1792 and John Stuart Mills On the Subjection of Women 1869 are important documents that challenge Western cultures need to keep woman in her place o Feminism is a form of political action has been transmuted into a form of critical study o Women artists are trained in a masculinist art world so a feminist artist has at least two tasks to uncover the masculinist element of traditional art and to show the experience of women as distinct from that of men o Audrey Flacks Queen is a more recent example of feminist artShows stuff not normally thought of as constituting high cultureShe presents the detritus the overlooked the supposedly inconsequential details of society that have frequently been judged by mainstream culture as only marginally importantBy giving these things attention the feminist artist advocates a kind of destabilizing process o Laura Mulvey claims that movies tap into the unconscious desires of the viewer and that viewer is genderedHe is male and is a scopophiliacone who loves to looka voyeur a peeping TomThe idea of the male gaze depends in part upon psychoanalytic theory which often makes of art a means of satisfying unconscious wishesAphrodite of Knidos produced about 350 BCShe was located in a small sanctuary surrounded by columns on the island of Knidos in the Aegean SeaShe was shown emerging from her bath picking up a towel about to dry offEarly accounts say that the sailors would climb the hill to Aphrodites sanctuary and hiding behind the columns watch her and leave their stains on the marbleIn a sense the woman is demeaned is objectified is made the victim of pornographyLise Vogel Fine Arts and Feminism The Awakening Consciousness Feminist Studies vol 2 no 1 1974 pp 337 jstor FeminismThe Age of Iron Man as he Expects to be an 1869 lithograph print published by Currier and Ives
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