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The Human Body

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University of Toronto St. George
Carl Knappett

Wednesday January 1112Prehistoric Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean Art and ArchaeologyC KnoppetThe Human BodyGeographyDealing with Aegean sea and its surrounding areaIt is no more scholarly to call the area the Aegean rathern than modern names like Greece or TurkeyCrete Cyprus Asia Minor Cyclades Peloponnese and Thessay as a main focusCrete is about 300 km longChronology of Later PrehistoryPeriod NameDatesNeolithic7000 BCEarly Bronze Age3000 BCMiddle Bronze Age2000 BCLate Bronze Age1600 BCIron Age1100 BCPeriod names are relative sequence based on materialsstylesDates are absolute sequences based on king lists and C14 datesThis is very simplified each region has different schemes and within each of these borad periods there are many phasesCalled prehistory as their are not historical documentsCreteMinoanMainlandHelladicHuman BodyShared universal and unique beliefsWhat do we imagine when we think of ancient bodiesIdea that the perfect idealized body is used to represent the divineAncient Greek language carries through the centuries with some continuityAre ancient representations of the body inevitably connected with the sacredIt is hard to argue that they are not connectedCertainly the case of classical artWhen does secular art beginIf so are gods represented or actually presentedThe idea in the ancient world was that they were presented direct presentation of sacredWhat visualmaterial strategies are employed for representing the bodySculpting in stone ivory wood
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