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Death and Burial

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University of Toronto St. George
Carl Knappett

Wednesday February 112Prehistoric Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean Art and ArchaeologyC KnappettDeath and BurialDeath and Substitution Ancient art occurring frequently in burial contextsJericho skulls death masks from MeccaArt in burial and cultic contextIssuesWe do not always find deathsome burial practices leave little material traceDead are unusually elusive in NeolithicMore visible great tombless evidence lootingPerhaps because burials were shallow death treated casually simple funerary rites egalitarian societiesAs a result we have a spotty recordNeolithic has no real opportunitystress on displaying wealthThessaly has hundreds of Neolithic sites but burials still scarce findsmore people wouldve diedThis all changes around 5000 years ago with the Early Bronze AgeLarge rise in burial evidencePerhaps greater shift in individual identityEarly Bronze AgeSees individual inhumationsSite of Manika has rockcut chamber tombsAyios Kosmas has cist gravesTsepi marathon has cist gravesSome investment of labour in a way we have not previously seenSettlements fairly close bySimilar things happening in Cyclades with some differencesMarginal agricultural environmentrocky vary little waterPopulation expansion in Early Bronze Age then nucleation at key sitesChalandiranaKastri on Syros Settlement spread between two areas Chalandriani which is abandoned in later EBII forfortified hilltop of KastriCemetery is large more than 600 individual inhumations spread over 4 discrete clustersCistrectangular stone lined pit covered with slabCommunity of 100300 peoplequite large for time and areaPerhaps differentiation of family and status evidenced by dissimilarity of grave goodsPrestige goods in a very restricted number of burials suggesting differentiation of wealthFrying pans from cemetery bear longboat imagesseafaring iconographyLarge fast canoes for participating in island interaction networksTrade goods and knowledgeprestigeCompetition for social statusFolded arm figurines also present
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