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Carl Knappett

FAH Notes Lion Gate at Hattusha-The south western entrance of the Upper City of Hattusha is the Lion Gate, named for the two matched lions carved from two arched stones. When the gate was in use, during the Hittite Empire period between 1343-1200 BC, the stones arched in a parabola, with towers on either side, a magnificent and daunting image. Lions were apparently of symbolic importance to the Hittite civilization, and images of them can be found at many Hittite sites (and indeed throughout the near east), including the Hittite sites of Aleppo, Carchemish and Tell Atchana. The image most often associated with Hittites is the sphinx, combining a lion's body with an eagle's wings and a human head and chest. Aerial Photo of Phaistos Palace - Phaistos, or more correctly the Minoan Palace of Phaistos, is located in the Messara Plain in south-central Crete, 55 kilometres south of Heraklion and a short distance from the archaeological site of Agia Triada, the archaeological site of Gortys and Matala. Phaistos is one of the most important archaeological sites in Crete, with many thousands of visitors annually. The history of the Minoan palace of Phaistos, like that of the other Minoan palaces of Crete, is a turbulent one: The first palace of Phaistos was built in circa 2000 BC. Its mythical founder was Minos himself and its first king was his brother Radamanthys. In 1700 BC a strong earthquake destroyed the palace, which was rebuilt almost immediately. However, Phaistos was no longer the administrative centre of the area, an honour which passed to neighbouring Agia Triada. Phaistos continued to be the religious an
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