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Lecture 5

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Paul Cohen

J EnrgloJ o'4Tei,t5 tDili';,rt',frt;6^[isigil;s "C-cy7 )'npg*rit.tfilie,rngrr,r bTrrrt;"-t Chns-fia{ta Nrrhpr: ft*kc; xrnx- ktz l;,"sc.r'nos*of hi: lt€ or'a p${hrisf th-;dCo: L{-e:Qnvwi,*aa.! %rrsn.:+gle taezfre;s Cka>\icr;,rlan Cari|ina,z-t" ]x-rnctr:l! ldy/h,:;3* Vc*tcon Veryil im7(+Sg+ oll bq r*:\tr]'lirr.rfrirCe 'ft'iit-tial,s{t'i"1 0",p1;a$5 a-,*1Ail-;ry;ai herc^r, (: vlo.l, {ea,,t6,trr}?: Sla4,,r e"ri+l*l t,sir- t'ie3\r;tj c.g olJ {,f,3: J I-^,br'\(log,-rri- dyrrlrc1 -f':t L^stc. i.3 F,c'cn,, tty{ta,c;loe: Pgx,>- hoi.J: Lxe"C ?o. €,r hr-rns-t f',try -*IsSLr.Sec,*ee[- r-.+s $eilrn Fg,cf,5 depic*ec{. l4ctrictyt I cnr tS regig cie';i.".:{ornc{tig{;eJroF {}r1154nt\3e,lc, :4brrbtnr, 5oonfi ci{g f>eiur,, b..ruo;v-r.r 'iv'ihrn *rrtzcJ';+;.r, ;yicf,.ciirSlr"cr,gro1tt5 #:.e"U_pa,;4,cn-gof:ar'*i',uirJ ln|,r=, Shrft in iconqgrcxfll\ Cmr-e- rter;r.€r;iffioF Cor*lsxrt4;r-;€- latfl c..,p-o **t7crr^-i,;7 {2nrrlr,r'lfloi-c€,xpr155.,rS rxr{--)\ 'lc,,3ri-,n *ho{ *Lry ft dcg t:{€- crce(,:+arrr+iJn rr-li,c1ifcr erltrn Liry4QnpK. Ti,z-, ol erlicti il'r^+slr,i+clu.r, &srrrrn lrin-l;+ierr' Le'-,il-{:,f1rJc,ft3relerabl* {2,e0-'c,ncr};4rm }ie, oef,"iccc*er1 fi" bcur-Y.lo cein:"'tclXpt;c: c;i!' ?r,r:*t= al oltcr s*C;r'fr Hc'rf';'i bc'Lh {c fiwat; teFS;oto fr"crJi7e- f6.+ if ..'eckirryf F+ [email protected]:) !* Gpc;te /vbu d,r."05 p *j, rq a ftn utS dr' ttftkr.:,tltl,-rf fiC.,i-',rc.l;:rr:Krcrbh, F,nico, ireC,l;or; CG^ ire'=t16s fnac:ldfi5€rryssaieri oF dejrrn;nc,,tist to Cgi+;rittQ- tr,)cr3:of h;f Cr4c€$clt5 Po;.y't:rr,]'rirlr;:fe kc,r,:y+iLri Cs ,te-n;1hrca€1.5 &*rt.; C-,,-,':fiMl rg f lc^f,,tettrit',qC-J,,n;/:15.r;'iclt^,tlayz a* tcYttL K;d?r s plaT,cg c -f1.'i;cl-' pLtt "'/co ir,rclci q"* rg&:"e uE *ep wcieru,lnr{ bc+h .pc.tre'm eb"'is-rdg ucralfh'i : -Si J U 5?yie rr-!.^rf\^r-tt'--ei o \; [k encs .Fcc^rc3 r-c,pf i fO$i;'uf{ c- r,lra,,li,b. CJi,,i;*u', clfJi.r:co C)i'sl, 6f rcl;$tcus artJook i i.qr,i' in; 11y,*6 de.r: i5 tr-I iD{ll Ohr;>*i or, l)n#rr1 txfiFirficy) Cc,n CDSurr€- rdeattFg Pnrrpn i d6k, C-l,r-;xttancri?-+L> c.i.trl)l*t" rlticr^ ver3:l I (arw..l:tJg^.*.i bj re;r)lpis-1ji..bsie,c, -bft"erlce-- i,',L^i;:cinr,/e.rc6,;,r-lirricig,t{ilc^leLlc, *e^+ tty-,Clr:)r-r,t1_.tll, fu Q1,-tc:d'',Lrrt'S :iric,ffi {rrng,ilcclu",(yta v f{'., Fc^ff, C.o*}*r' Cae-r*; E t- fCr:--\":grratrt 1' ?tTr: L",-r',t:L', l3r r-entt.,tuf]*, r;{:-fo,+.l6r";f,i.i{.tL;irnr.tst- p:c,rlsL#, r-cytecl Po7=, ks:r1 fi g-,:rri:d\rculo{:Sar-r ,f'lart* - fc€"J it'rer,a,cS i-crXil,,i:fu-ic^,",,..5r-tCt^cl ,rRC i1 cn{i m,-x.!el j:;Li':;lltrtrr;t-id; k,-i )ec,tri c, lc1 abat* enriJ cLSs € Li+a-.oiot.r Cry,;e5 afw, rrlldQ" hlrr,El e^,Qdtl trrc;tet tr^$- {ticfurt, 'itLthz g,,",il,tJr,c1I4cla tni:ic*,|,utk:ct ;rcl;vclu*{ irier4(3 ktr llf:{"I /1",;i: l;F,z $4.1^, ihg; I aA ;w:&Cd;ya piQ'tt;s
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