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Flora Ward

July 31 2013 Cumulative exam2 hours6 IDs 5 pts eachtitle maker medium date location and significance 5 MCQs 2 pt eachVocabulary list 2 image comparisons 10 pts eachtitle maker medium date location and compare and contrast the two images1 essay 40 pts totalintroduction body conclusion and three examples of works of art or architecture At least 5 paragraphs Will be given a choice of 3 topics ththThe Carolingian Renovatio Art and Architecture 8 9 centuryDynasty of Charles Family of CharlesCharles Martel is the founding member of this familyMoving fro the English channel to the continentNot just talking about dynasty but also a coherent timegreat cultural and artistic unity derived from a Carolingian influencesCharles Martel was an important political officekind of a Prime Minister or less for the Carolingians th By the 8 century Carolingians were declinedThe aristrocrats began to take over more and more power and authority from the King himselfCharles was actually working for the King but gradually was taking all the Kings powerPippin III he consulted the Pope in Rome asking for peoples blessing for his coupe Signals another important aspect of Carolingian culture Relationship between Pope in Rome and the Carolingian King Sacred and secular authority connection Pippin asked who had the right to rule should I do this Pope acknowledged Pippins right to rule In return Pippin acknowledged Popes power for the whole country so this was a good trade Pippin was looking for legitimacy so they both got what they wantedth Eligius made a giant jewel cross Abbey Church was a foundation from the 6 century dedication to St Denisefirst bishop of Paris who was murdered on site St Genevive Female MarivinginsThis was the trend building churches over the burials over big religious leaders
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