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University of Toronto St. George
Giancarla Periti

Week 13 Baroque Michelangelo Merisi known as CaravaggioNamed after home townTrained in LombardiWorked freehand no pre drawing o Preparation was less importantPainted things as visually seen with their imperfections o This differs from the high renaissance idealism o He created a new genre of painting o He began with a subject of nonreligious paintingMoved to Rome at a young age without any establish patrons o More opportunity in Rome Boy with a Basket of Fruit by Caravaggio 1593He used muscular young models with fruit o Perhaps model was himself o Very red lips o Tan line shows realism o Also sort of erotic to be painting such a figure o Head is at a lazy angle rather than the upright form of high renaissanceThe realism of the fruit is seen by the way some of the leaves are fadingHe worked in a studio of some sort o The light is artificial and from the front o Keeps dark shadows for contrast with light and dark Boy bitten by a lizard by Caravaggio 1594There is an erotic quality with the boy in the redness of his lips o He is again young muscularFacial expression is of surprise he has just experienced a new feeling and is withdrawing o Also reflected in postureThis shocked contemporary patrons with new eroticism o He was an artist presenting something newBacchus by Caravaggio 159596 oil on canvas 094x0851mIdentified as Bacchus by the crown of leaves and the offering of the glass of wineAgain this is a young muscularly erotic boy modelThere are the same facial features however now the chest is exposedThe dirt can be seen in his nails shows the realismHe is clasping a bow which ties his waistband bringing an eroticism to the paintingHas an expression of serenity
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