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Week 11 - Renaissance Venetian Art (titian, giorgione).pdf

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Giancarla Periti

Week 11 Venetian Art View of Venice Jacopo de Barbari 1500 woodcutVenice was very important for strategic reasonsLagoon as a natural defenseCould only reach it by boatSpace was always a problemcant extend an islandBuildings began to be built w multiple storiesFrescoes werent painted bc of the combo of damp winters and dry summers surrounded by salt water would be detrimental to the techniqueInstead they used panel paintings or paintings on canvasOil after being developed in the Netherlands spread to VeniceDetail Area around the Basilica of St MarkThe religious and civil powers are connected in St Marks SquarePrinting culture and technique was advanced in VeniceSan Giobbe Alterpiece by Giovanni Bellini 1478 oil on panel 478x258mBellini stood out because he had a long life and came from a family of artistsHe developed a network of patronage early onAll the saints in the work were set in a mosaic apseBackground looks like a Venetian church of the time o Saints are set against a mosaicLeftmost figure is St Francis he is showing his stigmata o He is inviting the viewer to look at the paintingThe frame is original saved with the alterpeice o This shows how it would function in the space of a churchAll colors are immersed in light which governs the altarpiece as a whole o Creates tonal unity of the coloursThere is a modern saint organization around the Madonna and ChildAgain like the Last Judgement not a multiscene altarpiece Pala dOro restored and embellished in 1345 by Andrea Dandolo for St Marks CathedralGold and enamelThis is a standard Venetian alterpeiceMultiple panels and scenes are set up in individual unitsBellini has totally deviated from this just as Michelangelo first did Enthroned Madonna and Child with Saints by Antonelle da Messina for San Cassiano 147576 555x35m oil on panelA similar technique to BellinisOnly 23s of it is remaining o Top right and left sections missingArtist from Sicily educated in Naples o he is believed to have brought brought the oil on panel technique and how to fuse colours to VeniceVenice was a centre of colours and pigments it was the only place with color shops o Many artists came to buy or sell these people would bring their own techniques and ideasThe Bishop in the bottom left is looking out at the viewer inviting to look and engage in prayer o His hands are similar to St Franciss in Bellinis work
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