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Week 12 Northern European Art in the 16th Century.pdf

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University of Toronto St. George
Giancarla Periti

Northern European Art in the 16th Century Hieronymus Bosch 14501516 Not his real name born Van Aken Fake first name taken from his hometown Very devout affiliated w a confraternity of laity associated w Mary Never in his life painted anything unnatural except in terms of Hell or Purgatory endeavored to find for his fantastic pictures the rarest objects but they were always true to nature Hieronymus Bosch Adoration of the Magi Triptych altarpiece closed Mass of St Gregory ca 1510 Madrid Pardo Vision that St Gregory had of Christ during the mass of a man of sorrow St Gregory kneeling by the altar Painted w limited coloursblack and white The Body of Christ is painted across the opening of the triptych Like how the host is divided into two pieces as is Christ Smaller personboy in black w a read hat kneeing closer to the foreground Bosch Adoration of the Magi Triptych open Male Donor w St Peter and Female Donor w St Agnes Scenes are connected through panelsA bell shaped in contrast to previous square triptychsMuch more colourful than it is closed o Red robes black and white robes green grass etcPatrons with name saints St Peter on the left panel St Agnes on the right panelIn the centre a nativity sceneCracking roof over the heads of Mary and ChristInside of it is totally dark w a sinister figure just inside the door half naked man w thornsantiChristUsually a serene hopeful subject but it is more sinisterThe Magi represent three different ages and nationalities Asian European AfricanSt Joseph is also present but sent away left panel sitting in a town by a firehe is unimportant and set asideTop of the background there is a citybuildings in the distanceIt is signedThe African Magi is giving Christ an unusual giftorb w a golden topThis is all interpreted asChrist coming doesnt bring us hope bc of the antiChrist forces of evil are constantly present and never defeated
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