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University of Toronto St. George
Giancarla Periti

th Ghiberti, Donatello and the Art of Sculpture in 15 c. Italy  Florence is the major artistic centre in the 15 century, high- level of arts in Renaissance, concentration of artists  Baptistery of San Giovanni (ST. John) o The building used for baptism, important religious site o St. John the Baptist, who perform the baptism of Christ o Founded in the 4th century, renovated in the 11 and 13 century th o By the early of the 15 century, the Baptist exist in this form o The religious side and the city joined to decorate the building – external doors o Generated one of the earliest competition – to get the best artists who could produce the best work (Ghiberti and Brunelleschi)  Committee of judges established 2 things – the subject (own panels representing the sacrifice of Isaac); the frame (the artists had to keep in order to do their work)  Ghiberti won the competitions – he was able to produce his own scene as one single entity (major technical innovation as other artists joined the pieces together)  His capacity to look at Thorn Puller  Well done and symmetric scene  Dramatic scene and the frame o Ghiberti also capable to comment his own art  Quote o North Doors of the Florence Baptistery – remaining the frame and the  3 dimensionality of the figure are clear o East Doors – reach additional level  Difference  Bronze with gilt (gold)/ Gilted bronze which enhance  Quadric foil frame which is hard to accommodate the scene / square panel create the linear perspective (similar ways as Masacchio done in his painting) o Leonardo Bruni, the chancellor of the city of Florence, wrote about this commission. They are deeply involved in the religious site  “it is my opinion … that the stories of the new doors … should mainly have 2 qualities: 1 that they should show splendour and the other that they should have significance  doors were meant to give meaning to the audience (citizens of Florence) Ghiberti, Creation of Adam and Eve, from the east doors of the Baptistery, 1425-52  took 27 years to finish this commission; huge investment on the entire community  Eve is emerging from Adam; not fully come out, emerging image from god  Left corner, the creation of Adam, still attach to the rock  Right corner, they are kicked out from the paradise,  Clear representation of the linear perspective system Ghiberti, Jacob and Esau from east doors of the Baptistery, Florence, 1425-52  Linear perspective is more clear as we have the backgrounds  The tiles of the pavement – orthogonal lines  Constructed in sequence  Details that frame the story in the 15 century o Arch and the linear perspective system (3 dimensional to exist within the space) Florence, Orsanmichele exterior, North east corner; Orsanmichele was the official guild centre in Florence  Early 15 century, sponsored by the guild and service as a labour union and protest the interest of their member  Florence was a wealthy city with wealthy citizens th  Late 12 century, the guild and the civic authorities renovate it into a grain warehouse, took place on the 2 and 3 floor, the ground floor is a church – Andrea Orcagna o Florence, Orsanmichele, Interior View Anrea Orcagna, Tabernacle, begun ca. 1355  Give permission to decorate the centre – paint/ sculpture  1339, the beginning of the external niches of this building  Each guild was given 10 years to complete the decoration, the guild needed push otherwise they will lost their right (What century?) o To act and commission for the Baptist o Both reading stress the implication of primary resources to understand the work of art Lorenzo Ghiberti, St John the Baptist, for the Climala (wool merchants) guild, Flrence, Orsanmichele, ca. 1410
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