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Giancarla Periti

The genius of Leonardo st  1 artist in Vasari’s Italian Artists  The founder of high Renaissance  Critics include several field of subjects, study of nature (art – nature + knowledge) Baptism of Christ  Biblical scene painted by Andrea del Verrocchio  Standard iconography, St john the Baptist in a stereotype landscape  When he was young and being trained in Verrocchio workshop (known for sculpture)  Manifestation is different from Verrocchio’s hand o Well defined body shaped and different colour o Was trained but already have his own work Portrait of Ginevra de’ Benci  When he is independent from the workshop  Painted on the two sides (front and back) – space people could walk around  New genre in Italy for two sides painting – more common in the North  Stand in front of a bush of Juniper = Ginevra  We see the Loral – BEAUTY ADORNS VIRTUE – the beauty we aspired are superficial and outer beauty  Technical analysis had been done to this painting (NGA) o The painting has been cut o Inscription in this painting talked about the hand – scholars had emphasized in its original format can dated back to Verrocchio  Portrait of a Lady with Flowers  Front bust, the sitter is looking directly at us o It served a form of reference rather than a copy  A sense of movement  Sense of space – foreground and background – Face in full light is set against a dark background  Chiaroscuro  Victorial technique of constructing a composition  One of the earliest example usage of the Chiaroscuro device and Sfumato technique  Much more atmospheric Adoration of the Magi  Not completed, just transferred the design on the panel and put the first layer (one colour) on the panel, last work in Florence  Important because we can see how Leonardo created a work of art  Iconography: Fabriano – conventional term o Biblical subject, Magi as soon as they heard Christ was born, they came to adore them  The Virgin and Christ are located at one side to fit in all the Magi o In Leonardo’s work, it changed and give a sense of geographical importance  The rich of clothing are not the main protagonist  As soon as Christ was born, pagan culture was surpassed by Christ as soon as he was born – paint this within the landscape Study for the Sforza monument  Ludovico – he working for him  Presented himself as artists and capable of doing everything – engineering  a celebration of Sforza as the ruler of Milan  he did not complete all these project  monument are supposed to be 7.2 m height set in public square in front of the cathedral of Milan o it is not new to Italy but the size is double, horses are standing in the Italy o project Leonardo has is to create a horse in movement - completely different project in terms of difficulties o to cut this equestrian monument to do this in one piece (one entity), rather than combining pieces together – Vasari  in 1499, the French army invaded the land and he escaped the city so that he cannot complete the project  He studied all the stages of the horse and clearly thought about o The mass of thinking challenge the artistic tradition is very important The Virgin of the Rocks  He was working for other patrons – began around 1485  Immaculate conception of the Virgin  The Virgin was the only human being without the original sin,  At the time, highly debated by Franciscan and ?  It was not iconography but theological believe, but how to represent the immaculate conception of the virgin  One of the first manifestation – Virgin at the centre and triangular construction holding St. John the Baptist on one hand and reach her child on the other hand with the angel  Gesture created conversation among these figures  In contemporary literature: the immaculate perception is connected to the idea of the rocks  There are 2 originals: done in different circumstances  The first one was not given to the patrons, but was sold on the market to make more money, another one was used as altarpiece o Leonardo la
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