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Giancarla Periti

Week 12: Northern European art in the sixteenth century  Born in the town of Hertogenbosch ca. 1450; the artist used the name Bosch to sign his paintings – but last name Van Aken  Bosch: nickname; real name: Van Aken Hieronymus Bosch, Adoration of the Magi triptych, closed: Mass of St. Gregory. ca. 1510, Madrid, Prado  The artist was a devote and appeals artists  He has the religious doctrine at this own time  Triptych – special type of altarpiece composed by 3 segments  The vision of St. Gregory has during the mass – vision of Christ as sorrow  Black and white, little colour  The body of Christ is painting within the opening of the 2 parts – when the altar is open, his bodied is divided into pieces, a metaphor of the very moment of the mass  Substantive theological message in the painting  The host is divided into 2 pieces at the very moment of the consecration of the mass Open Altar Piece  Adoration of the Magi  With the 2 donors accompany by their patrons saints on the side  Standard subject  The subject in detail o Madonna and Christ is located down of this crooked roof o Inside the house it is dark with no light, there is a kind of sinister figure – half naked o Adoration of the Magi, biblical subject, the serene subject and is full of hope for salvation o 3 different ages, ethnicity (asia, Africa and ?) of man o St. Joseph who usually here but he is sent away at the back with the fire – his role is not important anymore o Usually rendering of Christian subject is natural o Was not seen as an unstandardized way o Keep the description in mind*** o The gift to Christ is not standard either o Salvation = doesn’t actually bring us hope o Even at the saint moment, the anti-chirst was present, they were never defeated by Christ – moral content of the paintings give to viewer Comparison:  Unity among the 3 scenes, they are all connected by the narrative and the landscape  The shape of Bosch’s with the rectangular painting Comparison: closed and opened  Colour in composition Triptych f St. Anthony, closed: Arrest of Christ and Way to Calvary. Ca. 1505-10, Lisvon, National Museum  2 biblical subjects and 2 of the most suffering scene in the history of the new testament  Human beings did not recognize Christ as the saver, they captured and condemne Christ Open:  St. Anthony – spend more than 20 years fighting against demons and his own temptation.  Fantastic feature everywhere  On the left, the exhausted of st Anthony – almost the end. o He is supported by his friend, we can also see the artists himself self-portrait, artists exhausted himself o Below the saints, A landscape fill with sinister figure  Middle panel – saints at the roof top, innovative  Inside we see the saint crane and crucify with Christ.  Sinister scene, the rectangular altar is around the table.  Monks and Nun here almost with no body, no termination here  Interpreted by scholars as potentially a presentation of black mass, these protagonist are dealing with magic substances  In the back – biblical fire/ fire alluding the life of st Anthony  At the right, beautiful women bathing and coming out to the vent try to distract and lure the saint, the saint is looking towards spectator and us to avoid the scene  The subject Is render in highly unusual way, as we believers Comparison: Martin Schongauer, Demons  Saint at the centre and all the demons around hi,  An increase of the fantastic figures, what is different in the painting, st. Anthony exhausted by his own life, he couldn’t go further  In the print, St Anthony can withstand all the evil sources with him. Comparison: 2 altar piece  The 2 close scene: 2 triptych of the same author Haywain Triptych, close: the Peddler  The artist was clearly thinking about the triptych and how to innovate a triptych  He is the representation of each of us, our own projector of life and life is prepresented here with difficulty  With a stick, he defended himself from the doge to try to get the dog away,  Criminals that are hand on trees  Life is full of difficulties and also full of bad evens=ts, Inside:  Meditation of the last judgment  A kind of paradise the beginning of Adam and Eve began o sings  On the right win is a kind of hell  The centeral scene hay wagon heading toward hell  People trying to get walth from above, climbing the stair case, will lead us to heal  The angel live actually  The kind of role he had of Salvation is sufficient **Fall ASLEEP** Closed triptych rd  Real representation – the cosmo at the 3 day of creation  Fart -frin the Jounral of  The creation with the cosmos,  3 day – nothing on earth Opened Triptych  Eden and Hell with central foun
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