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Giancarla Periti

Last Class The new turn: Caravaggio and Artemisia Gentileschi  The beginning of new pace in which the process of drawing and preparation of art is less important  Create their arts by looking at the nature and what can be seen in their eyes Michelangelo Merisis better known as Caravaggio  Caravaggio – name of village in Northern Italy  Retain their own hometown  Move to Rome: centre of the time to generate more opportunities with other artists with no patrons  Working in a colleague’s workshop  Not a religious and mythological subject new genre of painting and shocked the contemporary patrons  Began to establish he own reputation and reach wealthy patrons to support he art  A boy with a basket of fruit o Looking at himself at the Mirror/ copying models in front of him, new artists strategy to imitate the truth in front of her o Leaves fading away o Boy shrub his shoulder and red lips and makeup, contrast between the black hair and red lips. o Light is fully artificial, comes at one can see in front of the painting and behind in order to create reflection between the figure and the background by dividing the background. Boy bitten by a lizard  Continue propose these kind of subject  Water vest with water and reflection of the room  This boy is a beautiful boy with a more erotic pose  Marched eyebrows and makeup  Himself as an artist who was proposing something new and novelty of his art. Bacchus, 1595-96, oil on canvas  Bacchus, brown of leaves the crown hat, hidden are giving a class of wine  Same boy, not only the shoulder but also the Bacchus, seem like touching the boat but seems tight to the entire dress  This painting show the power of painting it self and the to engage the viewer.  Caravaggio working with campus boy, notr religious or methologiacal painting. Takeing the subject cardn plyer- practical and moral in the painting  The beauty of this painting are in the colours and display of the interplay of the light and dark  Created by copying get model in fronts of thim in the studieo Musician, laying music, pleasure ot he art and the pleasure of art of using the ousnds, often happen between yhon to Comparison  Multiple model organizaed together no negative, in fact the subject of the mucisian is is displayed in front of moment of lrhrtsl;r ptbifr hy r=o yo dWOrk was don from pri Matthew:  Stories of st. Matthew, the st patron of Mathew Contarelli, patron, worship of himself and the Contarelli  Painting are mostly set in frescho a and no ti emphasiss Chirst’s structre,  Discussion on who is Mathew.  In the text book , doe
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