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Giancarla Periti

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Doors of Paradise: • The Wool Merchants Guild (Calimala): paid for the beautification of Florence's baptistery • took 20 years! • self-portrait of the artist on the doors • began to engage with the linear perspective • Interior VS Exterior • Exterior: more attention BUT interior changed/renovated : attention to the DETAILS, careful harmonious structure • Ghiberti was paid A LOT • also lots of bronze was used (expenses) • the system of linear perspective: adopted for certain biblical narratives • => distances, multiple narratives, space not measurable though e.g. Creation of Adam and Eve (background: trees: idea of distance... trees=apple) • at the right of the painting: Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise e.g. Jacob and Esau: • vanishing point: where all the lines connect together • system of linear perspective (how the viewer sees it) • multiple biblical narratives within the same panel • also at the top: Esau(?) talking to God, at the bottom: she's giving birth to the twins • at the top: scripture of Ghiberti (in praise of himself. he was such an asshole!) • he said he's tried to "imitate the nature" • reality seen in a work of art • use of the mathematical knowledge • doors where not installed where they were planned to be, the Guild wanted them to be installed on the eastern wall of the baptistery, so that they face the Cathedral Orsanmmichele: • where all the guilds were • specific use => exterior facade had to be beautiful. the guilds paid for the sculptures and niches and such. • each guild was given 10 years to beautify the building, or else they were thrown out • it's kinda like a church! • saints: protect the city AND protect the merchants and their money • religious factor attached to the economics Ghiberti: St. John the Baptist • The Wool Merchants Guild (Calimala) • very rich clothing (wool merchants -> advertise!!) • kept the original gothic nishe Naani di Banco: Four Crowned Saints • Stone-carvers and wood-workers guild • he was actually a member of the guild himself => honour of making the statue of the patron saint of his guild • Four Crowned Saints (-> originally pagan????but Christianized) • segmentation of the ground => ?? • use of the base in addition to the frame • => saints carving... Donatello <3 , St. George • beautiful profile • marble • but looks so soft... + a little touch of colour to give the sense
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