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Trevor Purvis

MichelAngelo: MichelAngelo was also a poet. One of his greatest work was MichelAngelo, Poeta, Marble, ca. 1500, 1.74m, Vatican, St. He was asked to carve this sculpture by a friend and was asked to carve the most beautiful work in Rome. We look at this and are impressed by two things: Size and Beauty. The artwork is massive and the virgin looks young and gentle and she is monumental because she can embrace a full body of Christ. There is some insistence on the numerous folds on the clothes and it is important to note that this is the only signed work by MichelAngelo and the signature runs on the band across the upper torso of the Madonna. It is a carved signature in Latin and he is indicating that he is from Florence and that he made this work. This is another example of display of the artistship. Meaning that the artist is proud of this work. We should also note the Sonnet that MichelAngelo wrote and it speaks to his work of the sculpture "The greatest artist has no conception that a single block of marble cannot potentially contain within its mass, but only a hand obedient to the mind can penetrate to this image". MichelAngelo's sculptures were only marble sculptures. He paid a lot of attention to marble and would travel to the place where these marbles were harvested and selects his taste in marble to suit his work. MichelAngelo, David, 1501-04, 5.18m. without Pedestal, Florence, Academia ==> Another monumental sculpture, comparing to Donatello's MichelAngelo's was bigger. It was meant to give a message to all the citizens of Florence and the message is a message of beauty. Comparison? It is very different from Donatello's David which was done for the Medici, Michel's didn't have an image of Goliath, Michel's David is not looking at us, his gaze is directed outside as if he has the rock in his hand and he is reflecting about what would happen after his encounter with Goliath. Therefore, he is absorbed in his own thought and gathering all his strength for the battle ahead. After he made this sculpture, he went to Rome and he was invited by Pope Julius II to paint the Sistine Chapel. The sistine Chapel was where the Pope and Cardinals gather and discuss, also where they meet to elect new popes. It had liturgical functions. Before MichelAngelo's intervention, the ceiling was very simple, just organized with blue stays on the ceiling. ==> In his design, MichelAngelo organized the ceiling. He reconstructed it and the decoration began front he outer walls and the entrance, which was where the Pope and the Cardinals enter from. The system is transformed through a painting, architectural framework and the framework is divided up by plaster and each plaster accommodates a prophet and sybils, and each Fresco shows narrations from the Bible especially the book of Genesis. It combines the history of the Jewish people and Christian teachings. "This Miserable job has given me a goitre...brush splatterings make a pavement of my face. I am not a painter" -MichelAngelo ; here he laments his own condition MichealAngelo, The Creation of Adam ==> We see the touch that creates a spark of life. We see Adam the young man and God the older man, with Eve behind him coming out. Posture, movement, gestures are highly important. MichelAngelo, Expulsion of Adam and Eve ==> We see the expulsion of Adam and Eve, the temptation as well.He depicted the female bodies as masculine. **Techinique of Colori Cangianti (Changebale colours) ==> Contrasting colours are placed side by side to produce highlighting effects, rather than modelling the colour with shadows ad highlights.** Note the red on the Angel looks orange or pinkish because of the bighlight effects. MichelAngelo, Delphic Sibyl (before the restoration) and Libian Sibyl (After the Restoration) Another important thing to note is the depiction go the Sibyl. He depicted them with books instead of scrolls (Sibyls used scrolls), this is because he wasted to make them more modern and give them the power to read the future. These sibyl figures before restoration is a male body, it is mas
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