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Raphael and Michelangelo at work: art and architecture • Two protagonist of High Renaissance Michelangelo • Pieta ca. 1500, marble • One of the earliest work of Michelangelo carved for French cardinal • Michelangelo started as a scuplture and also made paintings and so forth • The Madonna who is holding the dead body of Christ • New concept in the Italian christian in the time • A popular iconography in the north • Probably recommended by the French cardinal • Most astonishing • Treatment of the marble • Polish surface • Drapery-> folded together in a very complex way • Madonna is a beautiful and youthful-> ideal image • The scene has no drama; completely removed • The belt that crosses her upper body-> Michelangelo's own signature on it • One of the few works of art Michelangelo signed in history • Why did he? • David, 1501-04 • Made in Florence • Dimension-> sense of collosal work of art • More than five meters • Beyond life size twice • Commissioned for the cathedral of Forence, but civic authority put it infront of the public place-> center of the government of Florence • Why? • Because he is a biblical subject • Manifestation of a biblical figure who won against the giant • The force of elected people and force of God allowed them to do the impossible • Did look at Donatello's David for inspiration; very different material and size • Iconography is old as well • Donatello-> young, beautiful, with a sword, with goliath's head= hero figure • Michelangelo-> different kind of hero; no Goliath, substituted by a tree; no sign of Goliath and that king of enterprise • He is looking at one direction, outside of us • Absorbed in his own thinking • before the battle • David is preparing for the battle and is looking at what allies for him • Both of them are naked and representation of biblical figure • Sistine chapel • Place where the cardinals came with the pope where they congregrated • A place where they picked the next pope • Built by Sixtus iv • Plan supplied by baccio pontelli • Michelangelo, Sistine ceiling, general view with vault frescoes • Their is an altar • Since it is chapel • A unusual chapel that is meant for the cardinal and the pope • The decoration is orientated towards the altar war • Icongraphy • Comes from the book of the Genesis • Creation of Adam, and eve, temptation, explusion • Jewish elected people • Prefiguration of Christ • The narration of Christ in the new testament • He was suggested all the diffrent scenes and looked by cardinals and theologians • Addition to the religious doctrine of the frescoes themselves • What is new in decoration? • Render the old testament at the center • There are prophets and syibils around it • Architectural frame as paintings • Creation of Adam • Adam coming out of the earth • God touching him and giving him the spark of life • Simplicity accompanied by the shortened figures • A very touching gesture • Fall and expulsion of Adam and Eve from Garden of Eden • Colori cangianti = changeable colors • Michelangelo invented this • Apply contrasting colors close to one another to give the highlights needed • To divide the story up in order to tell a proper story • A reponse to Leonardo schufmato and schurro (?) • No interplay between light or darkens • Sense of full light • Colors used in more of a primary way and contrasting way as well • No real unity because of the colors being contrasted and justiposed • Libyan sibyl • female figures from antiquity • Mentioned by the early fathers of the church in their writing • These figures made prophecies-> way to connect the antiquity with the doctrine of christianity • Theological notion to bring antiquity with christianity • Iconography • Sibyls with books usually • Interesting • Contortion of the body • Muscular female body • Michelangelo studied male bodies to create a female body • Always see female characters with a more masculine figure • Michelangelo could do an idealized female body but he didn't • Changeable colours • Tuni of sibyl • Ignudi=nude young men • Surrounding the center medallion • Astonished figures for mainly the careful of the study of the naked male body • For posture and movement of the body (unnatural) • Work done pretty much alone with a few students who prepared colours for him Raphael • Artist from urbino, educated with perugino • Comparison of three paintings • Leonardo- benois Madonna, perugino-madonna and child, raphael-the small cowper madonna • Earliest example of Raphael advancement from the perugino style basedon leonardo's style • Kept the concept of the madonna and child interacting • Different-> lighting, colours (brighter) and a nature landscape • The building in the back is a building-> a church in Urbino • Inspired by Leonardo • Portrait of Agnolo Doni and Portrait of Maddalena strozzi doni • Male and female portrait set • Set against a landscape • Important to notice • Gives the impression of the wealth of the two citizens • Comparison with mona lisa • Raphael probably had the opportunity to see the Mona but still able to distance and respond to the model • Raphael-> woman celebrating her style and new status • Very detailed dress-> silk and embrodiery • Mona lisa-> very simple dress no importance of it • No rings like Raphael • Which means no status meaning • Sitter in a more ideal way vs. Sitter with wealth • Portrait of Pope julius II • Julius II is behind the sistine chapel ceiling and the stanza rooms • Portrait of a weak and old man • But this poepe was a powerful pope; change the landscape of rome; faught in battles; patron of art and architecture • Not looking at us • Superman • Behind of the two major interprises in the Vatican • Stanza della Sengatura, Vati
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